SILVER Drift experience

SILVER Drift experience

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This course is designed for the novice drifter who has either completed our Starter Drift experience and wants more - or for those who want more intensive tuition on their journey towards becoming a competent drifter. On your arrival to the venue we’ll get you signed on, and into our briefing area. One of our instructors will take you through the day and explain the venue, the cars and the techniques we’re going to get you demonstrating. You’ll get a technical explanation of what we’re looking for and will show you to what to pay attention to in our live demonstrations. We operate in small groups of four per car – meaning there is ample opportunity to explain the experience to you and let you ask any questions if there’s anything more you might wish to know. Whilst theory definitely has its place – we believe the best way to learn is with you behind the wheel, and we know you’ll be keen to get started! 

Lesson1: Handbrake entries and Donuts: Down in our smooth tarmac playpen areas, you’ll learn to get a feel of the car. Lesson one brings together two techniques normally taught separately in our starter experience. We’ll demonstrate the art of the drift initiation using the hydraulic handbrake fitted to our cars – balancing the clutch and handbrake and working with the car’s steering to let it slide through your hands. When the moment is right, it’s back on the power and we’ll show you how to control this to maintain your drift angle round a cone, into a perfect circle or “Donut”. After a bit of practice, you will start to increase and decrease the sizes of the donuts to gain an understanding of placing the car where it needs to be whilst sliding sideways.

Lesson 2: Transitions and Figure of 8: This is the drifter's terminology for changing direction the car is moving whilst keeping it in a constant drift. The transition is well known for being one of the most thrilling and sometimes the most tricky skills to master! This is the perfect introduction for our pupils, building up their confidence and ability in preparation for linking corners together as the track changes direction - and also helping them adjust their racing line through a corner. Using a combination of steering input and careful throttle control, pupils will be coached on how to perform a seamless Figure of 8 - once they master this skill they will find themselves able to point the car in the direction that they wish to follow around our safe playpen areas.

Lesson 3: Drift Initiations: Learning several different techniques for initiating the slide, pupils will have to enter a test corner - swinging the back of the car out, correcting the steering and place the car at the perfect angle (known as initiating the drift). When they get to grips with this, the instructors will encourage them to keep the car at this angle, using power and steering to drift around all the way round the corner and and exiting in a controlled, stylish fashion!

Lesson 4: Drifting a corner: Here we get to put new found skills and put them into practice on one of the corners of our world famous track. With real kerbs and blind corner exits, the pupils will initiate their drift, then keep the car balanced uing power and steering to drift around the corner. Exiting the corner, insructors will be encouraging pupils to follow the correct line through the corner - pupils who do it right will be able to lightly brush our exit clipping point with the rear of the car!

Lesson 5: Game of Drift!: Full of knowledge, skill and confidence – it’s time to do battle! Our pupils will set out onto the course and will have their instructor demonstrate a full corner from the track, showing them how to initiate the drift with the handbrake, and use “clipping” cones to fine tune their lines and accuracy around the corner. Pupils will then jump in and have five attempts to master this, as our course official judges them. The stakes are high and pressure’s on – who will be the winner for the day?

High Speed Passenger laps: Before we get you back into the Office to finish the day we’ve got more in store for our pupils. We bring a selection of high specification cars with uprated power, body modifications and uprated steering kits to each event and get you buckled into our passenger seats for three adrenalin-filled laps of our custom-designed track. Some of our high-speed passenger laps include BMW M3, BMW M5, Nissan Skyline, Nissan 200SX/Silvia, Toyota Chaser and Toyota Supra. Pupils will have a chance to see the same techniques they’ve learnt put into action on track, feel the G-force, and get a chance to realise they’ve now got the basic knowledge to help them take their drifting story to the next stage… 

Debrief: Full of adrenalin - we'll try to bring you back to earth and get everyone in for our informal prize giving, where the winner of Game of Drift will be announced! You will have time to find out more about the venue and our events, and grab a quick chat with the staff to find out how you got on during the day and how we can help you for your next visit!

Although our Silver Experience is made up of the above sessions the syllabus is extremely flexible. The instructors will work on 1-2-1 with pupils and will adjust the course as necessary to make sure pupils progress task that they have been set before moving onto the next one. The learning process is tailored to the individual pupils needs through out the session. This makes sure everyone is progressing at a rate they are comfortable with, but also having a great time as they do it! 

This experience requires the participant to hold a full UK Manual Driving Licence
Please allow 4 ½ hours from arrival to departure.
Small group sizes, maximum 4 per instructor and car.
Free Entry for all Spectators, extra passenger experiences for family and friends will be available on the day of the experience (subject to availability) - so please just ask a member of staff! 

Available on selected dates. The order of proceedings may vary based on numbers on the day. Your voucher does not guarantee a weekend slot. 7 day cancellation period, 1 rebook permitted. Book early to avoid disappointment. Available on Selected dates , A code will be sent to you and this will allow you to use our on-line booking system.  Codes are valid for experience dates 9 months from date of purchase.